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Air Split Conditioning Systems

  • An ideal solution to condition a single room.
  • Superior features for better comfort, reliability and performance.
  • Ideal for both commercial & residential applications.
  • Engineered to perform in one of the harshest climates.
  • Higher energy efficiencies in comparison with conventional compressors.

How Do Air Split Conditioning System Work?

These split air conditioners cool and heat one room or area of your home. They consist of an indoor wall-mounted unit that blows cool air around the room, and an outdoor unit that dissipates the heat from the cooled area. Refrigerants are used to cool or heat the air blown around the area being cooled. A copper connection pipe and electrical wiring connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit of the split air conditioning. Gas refrigerant is pumped from the outdoor condenser coil and compressor through the connection pipe to the indoor unit or units. A fan then quietly distributes cool air drawn across the unit's evaporator coil.

The major brands that we service are: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Lennox, Kelvinator, Toshiba, Electrolux, Actron Air, Panasonic, Samsung, Carrier and York, to name just a few.

Types of Indoor Units

There are two major types of split systems: a conventional one to one split system where one fan coil is connected to one condenser while a multi-head system is where multiple fan coils (up to 9) are connected to a single condenser. Different indoor units are: wall mount, bulkhead, ceiling cassette, console, & floor standing.



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